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Holmes County Public Library

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Story Book Christmas at the Library

Holmes County Public Library 303 North J. Harvey Etheridge Street, Bonifay, FL

Tons of Winter activities to enjoy. Photos inside a Giant Snow Globe Games Prizes Story Book Walk Fun with snowflakes Snow cones Cotton Candy Popcorn And More!

Story Book Christmas on December 3 from 9-11

Come and help us create our rock garden. Welcome to our inspiration Rock Garden.

Staff will assist your child/teen and young adult on the basic safety and "how-to" of using a 3-D Printing Pen.

Staff will be assisting with crafts, giving safety tips and instructions for our new wood burning kits

Would you be interested in learning to engrave on different materials? Call us!

Florida Literacy Coalition

Free Online English Classes!

Learn about life in the USA while practicing your English with a teacher. These intermediate-level classes meet once a week for 8 weeks. They are freely available to adults living in Florida.

career online high school

Career Online High School

Earn a high school diploma

career online high school


Use the Panhandle Libraries collection to download ebooks, audiobooks, and more to any device.



Download ebooks, audiobooks and more to any device.

career online high school

Universal Class

Join one of over 500 online classes on your own time.

career online high school

GCF Global

Learn and develop the skills needed to advance in work and life,

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Ponce De Leon Town Hall Free Library

In Town Hall, 1580 Hwy 90.

Take a book, leave a book

If you see a book you would like to read, feel to take it with you. Return it here when your finished. We work on the honor system.